Toarca Jaya – Indonesia – 1000 gr

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Vår første Indonesiske kaffe kommer fra øyen Toraja på øyen Sulawesi. Den er produsert av flere små bønder i området som ligger på mellom 1200 og 1600 meter over havet. Kaffen er veldig smakfull og er et spennende alternativ til andre kaffer.

Kaffen har smaker som kan minne om tranebær, kakao og modne tomater (Dette er kaffens naturlige aromaer og smaker, og ikke tilsatt smak).

Om du er interessert så finner du mer informasjon om kaffen fra vår leverandør lenger ned på siden (på engelsk).

Dette produktet er for tiden utsolgt og utilgjengelig.

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Toarca Jaya AA

Region – Indonesia, Sulawesi, Toraja
Farm – Various smallholder farmers
Variety – S795 (Arabica)
Processing Method – Washed
Altitude – 900–1600 masl

The Cup
Tangy fruit acidity, sweet and savory with cranberry, cocoa and ripe tomato flavor and an herbal aftertaste.

The most famous coffees from Indonesia are those from the island of Sumatra, and are processed as Wet-Hulled, or «giling basah,» which lends them their characteristic earthy, savory, almost meaty flavors. Sulawesi, on the other hand, primarily produces Washed coffees for export, and our partners at PT Toarco, a Japanese-Indonesian joint mill and export venture, are experts at producing clean, sweet, fruity coffees we simply love.

Toarco owns Pedamaran Plantation at 900–1250 meters, and also and purchases wet parchment (at 40% moisture) coffees from small producers at collection points in Perangian, Pango Pango, Minanga, and Perindingan. Once collected, the coffee is trucked to Pedamaran Plantation immediately after purchase, where it is dried using mechanical Yamamoto vertical dryers as well as Pinalhalense guardiolas, or horizontal dryers like those found throughout Colombia. The mechanical dryers assist in maintaining uniform drying, and helps the processing go more efficientlyand cleanly. The drying typically takes 72 hours.

If a producer wants to sell their parchment coffee to Toarco, they need to get certified to the quality standards as far as selective picking, storage, transportation, moisture levels, etc. Farmers are issued ID cards that allow them to sell their coffee at various purchasing points in the Tana Toraja region during the market week. PT Toarco is focused on providing education and support to its producer partners: Currently, the company offers once-yearly classes for producers to receive their ID cards, but they hope to expand their educational opportunities to twice yearly and include things such as cherry selection, planting and picking techniques, and fermentation. They also hold a party at the end of the harvest cycle to celebrate, giving out awards to producers such as depulpers and other necessary tools: About 150 to 200 producers attend the party every year.

Most of the coffee produced in Toraja is S795 variety, developed in India to be resistant to leaf rust. The genetics of this variety is Typica and Liberica; even though it has genes from Liberica (a species of Coffea often thought to be lesser quality than Arabica), we’ve seen 88+ and 90+ cups in these coffees. Toarco is meticulous at sorting the coffees, and our lots come from smallholder producers at the higher-altitude areas.


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